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5 Keys to Smart Real Estate Buying

1. Don't settle for a house you really don't like

Many home buyers find themselves looking at so many homes and never finding one they really like so they settle for one. Or, they hit too many dead ends with submitting offers that when one comes along that is not, they jump on it no matter what it is. But there is nothing worse than buyers remorse over a real estate purchase. You are likely to be in this home a while and you don't want to regret not waiting for the right home.

2. Find a buyers agent to facilitate the transaction

This is very important because you need someone on your side throughout the process. The listing agent can be helpful but is really working for the sellers and just wants the house to be sold. Having an agent specially dedicated to working for you, the buyer, ensures your interest and personal information are taken into the highest regard. Learn more about buyers agents here.

3. Know there are a lot of people involved in making the transaction close

Making sure everyone involved has all the paperwork and documents from you that they need in a timely manner helps the whole process go more smoothly and close on time. Make sure you have your home owners insurance in place and that escrow has all they need. Call and ask if you are unsure.

4. Have a professional inspection

Many home buyers think they will buy the home regardless of the inspection report and find out later they are in for thousands of dollars in repairs. Make sure you have the professional inspection and accompany the inspector. Also, get any additional inspections they recommend.

5. Don't sign anything you don't understand.

There are so many documents involved in a transaction that they sometimes can blur together. Make sure you know what you are signing and that nothing has changed from what you originally agreed upon. Double check everything and ask any questions that you can think of.