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Be a First Time Home Buyer This Year!


 Now is the best time for first time  home buyers! Not only do you get the best choice of homes on the market right now but you also have super low rates still!!

  Buying a home in the Thurston or Pierce county real estate right now is really a smart move. Lenders are being more careful who qualifies which is actually a good thing. You can be sure that if you are approved for a loan, you can actually afford it. A couple years ago lender will practically giving away homes to people who couldn't afford it. Now, those buyers are foreclosing on their homes because they just can't afford it anymore.

Also lenders were giving buyers loans that were bound to increase within a year or two and when the home owners couldn't afford the loan any longer, they stopped paying their mortgage.

Now, lenders are more careful to hand out loans but if you can get one, you can be fairly certain you really can afford the entire loan. 

So with so many homes on the market right now, we are really in a buyer's market heaven. You can get a home now way below market value and be sure that prices will go up eventually and your equity will increase.

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