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Crescent Realty's Information for Buyers

Crescent Realty's Information for Buyers
Have you been searching the internet for homes to buy in the Pierce or Thurston County Area?
Perhaps looking every Sunday in the paper or sifting through all the people selling their own homes on Craig's list or other for sale by owner sites.
Why not enlist the help of a buyers agent through Crescent Realty?

Did you know using a buyer's agent is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Yes, really! The buyers agent, or selling agent of whatever home you choose gets paid from the seller of the home. Not you... So you may as well have your agent scouring the internet, riffling through papers and perusing the streets for the right home. You just sit back and wait for that call.


What happens when that call comes that you may have a home to see?

Listed below are tips to help you along the way to purchasing the home of your dreams.

Before you submit an offer make sure you have these things covered: 


Submit the strongest competitive offer you can.

Provide an earnest money deposit. This is sometimes 1-3% of the list price but in a slower market, sellers can be lenient. Your Crescent Realty broker will be able to inform you of the market and suggest a good amount.

Try and have no or little contingencies the fewer the better.  Certain contingencies are expected such as inspections and financing but if you don't have to sell your current home in order to buy a new one, it looks much better for sellers. Homes that have set on the market longer may be more willing to look at all offers and consider contingencies. But new on the market homes usually will not consider these types.

Your Crescent Realty broker will suggest having an inspection. You are not required to have one done but even if you plan on making no requests, it's a great way to find our more about your home.

Know what is included with the sale. Sometimes appliances will go with seller or the curtains. Make sure you are not surprised when you move in and find something left or gone.

Make sure you get everything in writing. Signed copies of every form of communication is ideal. Sometimes verbal agreements can go back in forth in negotiating but when deals are settled upon, things need to be in writing.

Again, Trust your Crescent Realty agent for all your help in buying a home in the Pierce or Thurston County real estate area. They have the experience and knowledge to back up and handle any transaction.

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