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puyallup real estate

Selling a home in the Pierce or Thurston County Real Estate Market?Selling a home in the Pierce or Thurston County Real Estate Market?

Want to sell your home? Maybe you need  to sell your home. 
Whichever the case, our agents at Crescent Realty are sensitive to your needs and are the best in the Thurston and Pierce County real estate area.

Did you have a friend say, oh you live on a busy enough street, just stick a sign out front and sell it yourself?
Well that may work. It has worked in the past for many people. BUT, what if you under price your home? Over price it and it sits there for weeks? Have an offer but are not sure its legal and what is all this they are talking about? Now I have to do what with Title? No, I never had it appraised.

You see where we're going with this. Having a listing agent with Crescent Realty makes so much sense. Not only do you have a trusted, educated agent looking out for your best interest and protection but your home now has access to over 10,000 other agents in the area and all of their clients. Since it's free to use a buyers agent, more consumers are using them to find homes and the best way to do that is through the local Tacoma listing site. Your home will be prominently displayed to thousands of potential buyers so that your home can sell quickly and at the right price.

Our agents will go over with you the right steps to take for ending up with a net proceeds you are comfortable with. We use all tools available to market your home and handle all the legal jargen so you don't have to. We verify the buyers financial situation and are in contact with all companies associated with your home such as title, escrow, lender's, buyer's agent, and buyer.

Call our office today and set up a free consultation with one of our agents. We will help you determine a good listing price for your home.
Find out what your home is worth today!

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