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How to Sell your Home in Tacoma

But Wait, I thought YOU were going to sell my home. Well, we are, but since you live in the home, there are some things that you can be doing to get your home sold quicker.

As the Tacoma real estate brokerage we use all available tools both online and in print as well as in person to market and advertise your home to potential buyers both in-state and out-of-state as well as buyers agents. Not only do we market to potential buyers but to a variety of agents and brokers throughout the Tacoma area. Because most home sales come from a buyers agent, our connection, reputation and networking capability with other buyers agents in the area means that your home will get in front of more buyers in faster time than simply listing it alone.Sell my home in Tacoma

Also, because we network with a variety of online resources, your home will be in front of numerous real estate buyers on a variety of websites including craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Google Maps and dozens of others.


But what can you do to increase the probability that your home will get sold quickly?

It all comes down to price and presentation. Once you've decided on a price then it's up to you to present your home each and every time you show it. We recommend you leave the property when buyers are touring your home to give them the freedom and comfort to discuss your home and linger in the property.

Make sure the home is clean and well. If need be, hire a professional cleaner at least once a week while your home is on the market. Pack up and keep things organized and remove at least of the items in closets, cupboards and drawers to give buyers the sense that there is plenty of room.

And price it correctly. Price is the number one factor to whether home sells quickly or not. We do everything possible to offer you the best possible price for your home with comparative properties in the area and similar sold homes. While it is up to you to ultimately decide the price, pricing it too high may mean it will sit on the market for much longer than necessary.

Call us today or fill out our form below for one of our agents to contact you with information and details on how we would price and market your Tacoma property.

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